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Gabriel Fréville
Project Manager (Dipl. Soc. Ped.)

“Our response to the ‘refugee issue’ – even just the way we talk about it – is like a litmus test that shows whether we ourselves meet the expectations we so quickly and easily have of others: recognition, understanding, support. The same applies to ‘gender issues’.”


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Dirk Siebernik
Project Speaker (Dipl.Soc.Ped.)

“I find Movemen important because, with its gender-reflective approach, it is closing a significant gap in supply – for refugee men themselves and people who are committed to helping refugees. We provide for movement.”


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Christian Bliss
Project Speaker (Dipl. Ped.) (Until Jan 2018)

“In Germany, there are thousands of ways to become and be a man. For me, the project is an invitation to male refugees to take advantage of this freedom and to work on expanding and developing their understanding of roles.”

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