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Only together can we set something in motion. That is why movemen brings people who work with refugees or are refugees themselves, who make decisions, and who have influence together all over the country. At events and in practice groups, movemen develops practical approaches in the fields of housing, school, training, the labour market, health, and social systems in collaboration with active partners. What we are always seeking are cornerstones, structures, and concepts of a refugee and integration policy that takes gender into account and explicitly includes the perspectives and needs of male refugees. Do you want to become a partner?

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movemen collects knowledge about the issues of flight and masculinity. Based on the exchange of expertise, movemen draws up handouts that present and discuss formats and methods for practical and political work. movemen speaks out about current events and takes part in the public discussion with articles and opinion pieces. movemen also draws attention to interesting contributions from others. By thinking, writing, filming, and speaking together about our collected experiences, we contribute to overcoming prejudices against and negative stereotypes about male refugees. Want to enlighten people?

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Into practice. movemen promotes offers for young male refugees to elaborate life stories, fundamental values, and gender issues. movemen arranges workshops for full-time workers and volunteers in the field of refugee aid to raise awareness of the perspectives, strengths, and needs of male refugees. movemen creates a platform where the corresponding offers and services can be presented. It is becoming clear that it is also worthwhile to see things from a male perspective. Do you want to offer or participate in workshops?



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    Ein Projekt des Bundesforum Männer – Interessenverband für Jungen, Männer und Väter e.V.

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    "Bilanz und Ausblick"

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